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Congratulations to Everyone, the Semester is over!!!! by koreey
May 10, 2011, 1:38 pm
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I am extremely proud of each of you and everything you’ve accomplished this semester. I am unsure if I’ve mentioned this in the past (although I probably have lol) but this is the firstCOMMcourse I have taken and I just want to thank each of you for making this class enjoyable. I’m used to being stuck in a classroom with every day “busy” work and constrained to the weekly expectations listed on the syllabi.  I found this course to be extremely insightful and refreshing and I have learned a great deal from each of you. Each of you deserves recognition for your accomplishments as you all have done a great job this semester -you are all AMAZING –good luck in your future endeavors.

I have read over and will continue to read over the comments you all have left for Stasi and I. we should have our Final “Final” (;-)  version of the project up for you guys to check out no later than Wednesday afternoon. Also, I have commented on each of your final “presentations” Great job once again guys and gals! And Good Luck to you Professor!!!!



Games for Change! Koree by koreey
May 10, 2011, 1:36 pm
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“Games for Change” is an extremely interesting concept that I was not aware of previous to this workshop.  Just as other technological tools in our society, video games have become a platform for establishing awareness and mobilizing change. Ms. Ruiz came in to demonstrate how games can be generated from anything; random ideas, words, games, activities, experiences, interest –anything! But it wasn’t until we began playing the games that I realized how easy it is to (at the very least) come up with ideas for creating new games. The first game we played and one that I found quite interesting (and was probably the simplest game of all) was the terrorist game. The rules were simple as the game requires you to “shoot or not” the interesting part of this game is that if you decide to shoot then you see people surround the dead body, grieve over the body and as a result terrorist are duplicated. If you continue shooting then you end up with an entire community of terrorist which I found to be extremely interesting.

In terms of games being an actual avenue for promoting change, I think it is a relatively good one. In terms of awareness, the games are a GREAT way to open people’s eyes and gain interaction on the issue. Although I really do support this avenue for change  as it is extremely creative, innovative and fairly accessible, I believe that no matter how sophisticated “games” for change can be they are still “games” and carry the connotation of being such (no matter what the underlining issues are being promoted). Also, while discussing a few games in class Liz (I believe) mentioned that there is a game that promotes interconnectivity within communities. A game where you help your neighbors with grocery’s, while walking the streets conversing with neighbor which essentially promotes community etc. But what I immediately found interesting about this game Is that although it promotes all the right things people are still in the house practicing versus physically being out in the street practicing. My point is that while games can be positive, they also inadvertently keep people tuned into their computers rather than out promoting physical interaction among people – really making a difference. With this being said, I do recognize that many of these games have donation links and links that lead to more information about the topic. This exercise was definitely one of the best this semester! 😉

Final Presentations- stasi by stasiharrell
May 9, 2011, 9:54 am
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First of all, congratulations everyone on finishing (or being really close to finishing, as the case may be for some of us) your projects!

            Tina: I was so impressed with how much you have been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time.  You seemed to be a little all over the place in the beginning, and I was skeptical that you would be able to find a way to utilize all of the contacts you had made throughout the semester into one cohesive project.  I liked the way you were able to include the Scripps Kensington residents as well as your contacts at theAlhambrahigh school.  When you are founding an organization as you are, it is extremely important to have as many contacts as possible.  Along those same lines, I think you should consider recruitment ideas that go beyond the digital world.  Having a facebook page is a good way to reach the younger, tech savvy audience, but what about the people who may not have internet access, or who are simply not as social media literate?  We have talked in class about making simple flyers with the ABC logo on it to physically give to people who might be interested in attending the meetings and getting involved somehow.  Also, I am really excited about the idea of possibly organizing events to promote sustainable, eco-friendly transportation- like a neighborhood bike ride!  Events like this would be really fun, and would undoubtedly draw attention to the organization that you have worked so hard to create.  Good luck with ABC’s growth and with making it a more influential presence in theAlhambracommunity.

           Haran: Your website is amazing!  My favorite part is the way the pdf retains the traditional book feel.  Instead of one huge, seemingly never-ending scroll, we can actually flip pages, as we do with real books!  More websites should organize their material in this fashion.  It is such a shame that the library is re-formatting their website and that your hard work is pretty much being put on the backburner.  I would have liked to see what teachers thought of the website, and how they might have used it to enhance their lesson plans.  I think getting feedback from teachers would have been helpful so that we can learn what about the website works well and what could be improved.

            Jason and Liz:  I am glad that you (and Tina) are planning to continue the work you have done this semester into the summer (and beyond).  It is so important to introduce young children to media and technology.  This is especially important for kids like the ones you work with who may not otherwise have the skills or resources to do these kinds of projects.  I especially like that your lessons seem to seamlessly fuse learning about community and health issues with completing media-based projects.  The one thing I would suggest for the future is increasing, or at least thinking more about parental involvement in the projects.  You said that you sent the students home with the links to their projects, but you are unsure whether or not the parents actually visited the projects.  Maybe coming up with some sort of weekly newsletter for the parents regarding Aprendamos and the various projects would sort of reinforce the projects and the ideals you are trying to uphold.  Take the health and fast food lesson, for instance.  It would make sense to involve the parents in this conversation, so that the child’s newfound disgust with fast food could be reinforced and supported by the family.  All in all, though, you guys seemed to have a really good time with the kids, and I’m sure your students (and IDEPSCA) appreciate your passion and dedication.

Liz and Jason’s Presentation by Liz Krane
May 4, 2011, 10:15 am
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Aprendamos Presentation

Haran’s Final Project by hsivakum
May 4, 2011, 10:05 am
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Stasi & Korees Final Presentation! by koreey
May 4, 2011, 10:03 am
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May 4, 2011, 10:00 am
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