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Tina’s Final Presentation Prezi
May 4, 2011, 10:00 am
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Tina’s Week 14 Reflection
April 18, 2011, 11:38 pm
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So the theme of this post: get help when needed.

It’s getting quite stressful during this time of year and scheduling is a nightmare when there is much to be accomplished.
I’ve learned that I can’t possibly do everything and that I need to delegate work in order to stay sane.

Here’s an update  on ABC…

Video of James Rojas is up and running on our Facebook page!
Activity is low so far so I’m definitely going to be working on getting more eyes on our page by writing a small blurb about us.
I think I need to solicite James’s help in getting the word out via Facebook.

I typed a transcript up of James’s interview and is now sitting on the editor’s desk for approval. Unfortunately, she is out of town for vacation for a week so I’m afraid my deadline will be pushed back.

I’m not getting much help with editing footage from Alhambra High School so the man on the street interviews didn’t happen. Hopefully on the ABC meeting on Thursday I’ll be able to solicite some help from Efren, the other member of ABC.

Reflection on Games for Change…

I’m going to comment on the overall design of Darfur is Dying. I think that when the insert of a text blurb was needed to explain something, it was too long to digest and all it took was one click to get back into the game. What I think may be more effective would be to insert informational blurbs in a more design-savvy way. This could be using a better typeface, background color, length of message and when and where the message is conveyed. Users can easily avoid reading if the design of the message is poor and if avoiding reading the message is too easy.

Aside from some improvements on design, I think perhaps another way to  raise not just awareness but actual concern for Darfur is for the user to start with a character within a family and to be able to play characters in different roles. For example, to be the mother or the child. Or even, what is it like to be a helper in a refugee camp? The gravity of the situation in the game didn’t get to me as I felt like it should have.

I’ve finished playing several series of Call of Duty and can say that I’ve been intrigued to learn more about wars after playing. This is because the game is centered upon a storyline and is effective in visual storytelling. This should be an area that is high focused upon when developing games for change: to tell the story that change is needed before it is possible.

Tina’s Week 13 Reflection Reposted
April 18, 2011, 10:44 pm
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Once again… I have posted on the wrong blog!
I published this on April 13th, 2011.

Check out what’s been happening!

ABC didn’t have a chance to meet at CicLAvia this weekend because of last minute flaking and conflicting schedules. Instead, I worked extensively on editing footage and was able to produce something of near substance. I have Scripps Kensington, AHS high school, and James Rojas footage to edit.

I also need to type up a transcript of the interview with James since I just video taped his interview to kill two birds with on stone. Minor edits on the photos I shot of James will also need to be done before publishing on the the Alhambra Source sometime this weekend or early of next week.

I met with three Youth Feeders on Wednesday to interview high school students crossing the busy intersection after school. I’m still going over the footage but if there isn’t a “journalistic” quality to what we shot, the editor of The Alhambra Source won’t publish the material. Regardless, I will be polishing the footage so it can be published onto our Facebook page.

After looking at the footage, I’ll talk to the editor to see if she’s still interested in having the Youth Feed come with me to do man-on-the-street videos around Alhambra city – not just the high school. If I don’t get their help, it may be impossible for me to take on more editing tasks.

ABC may be holding on meeting next Thursday, April 21st. I’m waiting on final confirmation by end of this week from James before I post on our media outlets.

The logo is a big accomplishment. It may look simple and easy to do, but it’s actually a long and arduous process. There still may be a few tweaks as we gardner more members and more brains to make the logo better but for now, this is the best we’ve got and we’re definitely going to be using it to full advantage. I’m really satisfied with the design.

Much to do!!

Tina’s Media Plan Updated
April 5, 2011, 8:09 am
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Interviewing senior citizens at Scripps Kensington? Done.
Footage will be uploaded onto Final Cut Pro (don’t have this on my computer) on Wednesday and will be edited by end of week.

I’ll be meeting with Youth Feeders tomorrow, Wednesday, right after school at 2:30PM to do man-on-the-street interviews with high school students.
It should go smoothly and we’ll have some good interviews and footage.

James is back in town so we’ll be meeting on Thursday for his interview and some good photographs to compliment the piece.
I’m excited to get some feedback on that work I’ve done while he’s been gone.

Below is my updated timeline:

Alhambra Beyond Cars
Media Plan March – May 2011


Deadline Deliverable
3/30, Wednesday ABC Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter page
4/3, Sunday ABC Logo finalized.
4/3, Monday Interviews at Scripps Kensington
4/6, Wednesday Finalize Mission Statement
4/6, Wednesday Youth Feeder interviews and reporting at AHS
4/7, Thursday Interview James Rojas
4/7, Thursday Present finalized flyer for CicLAvia to James
4/8, Friday Print flyers for CicLAvia
4/10, Sunday Announcement posting on The Alhambra Source
4/10, Sunday ABC Meet-up at CicLAvia. Hand out flyers.
4/17, Sunday Publish James Rojas Interview on The Alhambra Source
4/17, Sunday Man-on-the-street Interviews with ABC and Youth Feeders
4/30, Saturday 100 Facebook Follows/Likes, 100 Twitter followers
4/30, Saturday Finished video of Alhambra residents
4/30, Saturday Publish video of Alhambra residents on The Alhambra Source
5/4, Wednesday Final Presentation


VII. Additional Notes:

–       This media plan was made based on the time and resources available. The target audience of online-users was chosen reflected this. Plans for the future to expand outreach to residents who do not use the Internet as their primary platform for communication are in progress.

While I was browsing the MobileActivism website, I realize the large need for designers and programmers who are knowledgeable on how to create functions on mobile phones that will enable activists to do more with a phone. I enjoyed the article on mapping SMS incident. What I find intriguing is the actual visualization of communication – I’m very fond of discovering new forms of communicating, especially  anything that has to do with visual communication. In this digital age, it seems like the concept of visually “mapping” information is popular.

Tina’s mini update: Secured interviews
March 31, 2011, 2:43 pm
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Hi all! Thank you for all the good feedback yesterday – it really helped me get the ball rolling.

I’ve created a Facebook Page and Twitter account as @alhbeyondcars. No finalized logo yet so there are no followers as of yet. By the beginning of next week, I’ll expect some likes/follows when the logo is published and I start actively promoting the accounts.

Questions, comments, and concerns about Alhambra Beyond Cars (ABC) can be sent to our new Gmail account:
In addition to setting this up, I’ve also uploaded a contact list onto the Gmail.

Current Google docs include:
1. Mission Statement work-in-progress doc
2. All account passwords doc
3. My media plan for March – May 2011 doc (I decided to make deadlines for the end of May as I’ll be at a summer program in the east but will return and plan to make a more extensive plan).

Youth Feeders have agreed to help me with shooting and editing man-on-the-street interviews. We’ll be meeting on Wednesday, 4/6 in the late afternoon to do this.

My contact at Scripps Kensington, Ida Donohue, has also agreed to be interviewed for the video. I’ve set up the interview for Monday, 4/4. Hopefully, she will also be able to spread the word out to others who are concerned about pedestrian safety. I’ve sent out an email to Youth Feeders to ask if they’re interested in helping me out that Monday.

James has been away on the east conducting various workshops so I haven’t met with him this week, but have been in contact via email. We’ve agreed to meet on Thursday, 4/7 for me to conduct the interview and shoot some photographs. Daniela, the editor of the Alhambra Source, has given me permission to conduct the interview so I expect it to be published on the due date of Thursday, 4/17.

That’s all for now!
This weekend will be intense as I fine-tune the logo. It really takes a long time and is a constant work in progress because there can always be tweaks here and there… but I’m excited to see its publication and approval.

Tina’s Week 11 Post – Media Plan
March 29, 2011, 9:36 pm
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Below is my media plan for Alhambra Beyond Cars. It’s concise and commits me to push out 4 deliverables by the end of the term.
There were so many goals that I wanted to accomplish but had to pick and choose the most suitable ones given the resources.
The logo is on its way to be finalized and I’m pretty stoked about unveiling it in the coming week.
James is out on the road but will be back soon. We haven’t met in a week because of that but I’m sure he’ll be pleased with my progress on the project.


Alhambra Beyond Cars
Media Plan 2011



–       Increase awareness in the community about the new organization

–       Increase participation in the program


–       All internet using Alhambra residents who are concerned about transportation issues

  • Walkers
  • Cyclists
  • Bus riders


–       To advocate for an environmentally friendly and safe Alhambra by educating and informing residents on how to affect local government politics and policies, raise citywide awareness of local problems, and organize into a collective unit.


IV. MEDIA LIST: All online content publishers.

–       The Alhambra Source

  • Post meeting dates and times on the Announcement/Events page.
  • Interview James Rojas and highlight formation of Alhambra Beyond Cars.
  • Work with Youth Feed to produce video of man-on-the-street interviews with residents and citizens at Scripps Kensington.

–       Facebook & Twitter

  • Goals
    • 100 Facebook & Twitter followers by 4/30
  • Generate conversation with other environmentally aware groups such as: SGV Bike, AHS Environmental club.
  • Follow other environmentally-friendly pages/groups.
  • Friend city officials to raise awareness.
  • Find friends by checking “Alhambra city” option


1.    ABC Logo

2.    Facebook and Twitter 100 followers

3.    Feature/Interview article, announcements, video posted on The Alhambra Source

4.    Video of Alhambra residents



Deadline Deliverable
4/3, Sunday ABC Logo
4/6, Wednesday Finalize Mission Statement
4/8, Friday Facebook Group & Page
4/10, Sunday Announcement posting on The Alhambra Source
4/10, Sunday ABC Meet-up at CicLAvia
4/17, Sunday Publish James Rojas Interview Feature on The Alhambra Source
4/30, Saturday 100 Facebook Follows/Likes, 100 Twitter followers
4/30, Saturday Video of Alhambra residents
4/30, Saturday Publish video of Alhambra residents on The Alhambra Source
5/4, Wednesday Final Presentation


Tina’s mini-update: James’s workshop in JANM
March 13, 2011, 11:47 pm
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On Saturday, March 12th, I attended one of James’s workshops at the Japanese American National Museum in Downtown L.A.

Here are some photographs I was able to capture:

From the workshop, I got a sense of James’s work and why he holds these workshops: the flow of creativity from children is amazing.

James explained me to the different patterns he’s observed from the many workshops he’s conducted. For children, he says, the cities are built based on experiential qualities. They focus mostly on play and creating places in which they can experience the environment. Whereas, adults are most focused on the technical aspects of a city; like the need for a city hall, a police station, where their house is, etc.

I’m really excited as I am also near securing a workshop at Nucleus.

It’s been a little difficult contacting the high schools, but I’m working on it!