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Notes on Gender and Homophobia Curriculum by jlipshin
June 15, 2011, 11:01 am
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Notes from a lesson plan on gender/homophobia/bullying.


–       Bullying/harassment (how to frame the discussion, using appropriate vocabulary)

–       Embracing your gender identity. Beyond gender binaries and stereotypes.

–       Connecting homophobia to xenophobia: discrimination against immigrants and queer people. (Mariella: “it’s the same thing, two forms of discrimination”).

  • Intersecting identities, queer immigrants, queer youth of color.

–       Sharing different forms of discrimination.

  • Introducing the topic both with personal anecdotes and by outlining various histories of oppression.
    • Historical Context => laws/stigmas against interracial marriage, against international marriages, against same-sex marriages.

–       Bringing all of the discussions back to the topic of LOVE.

–       Helping students to understand that laws can be unfair. (many have trouble understanding this, given their answers on the surveys).


Media/texts to share with students:

–       Gendered Advertising Remixer

  • An awesome tool that lets you “remix” and subvert aggressive gender stereotypes embedded in marketing for toys.
    • Lets you take the audio from a “boy ad” and video from a “girl ad” (or vice versa) and mixes them together to produce a humorous effect.
    •  The students in Grecia’s class loved it last session and it was a great introduction to our discussion on gender stereotypes.
    • LINK:

–       “My Princess Boy” by Cheryl Kilodavis

–       ACLU Video on homophobia, bullying, and teen suicide.

  • Video featuring the mother of Seth Walsh, one of the teens who committed suicide last year due to homophobic bullying. It’s really, really heartwrenching, so some of it can be edited down for the students (particularly the beginning and the end).
  • LINK:

–       Will Phillips

  •  The amazing 10 year old who refused to stand up during the Pledge of Allegiance because “there is not liberty and justice for all, especially for LGBT people.”
  • LINK:

–       “It gets better” campaign (Columnist Dan Savage) => From Miguel

–       Xicano Soul (“Gay Latino Love Story: He Swallowed”) => From Hugo

Possible Activities or Projects:

–       Gender Performances (“Character walks”) => Alejandra’s idea.

  • Having students pretend to be a character (i.e. wrestler, ballerina) and then analyze the character’s embedded gender stereotypes.

–       Having them deconstruct gender stereotypes in pop culture artifacts that are part of their everyday life.

  • Alejandra said she’s tried this before with Grand Theft Auto pictures.
  • Idea: Maybe we could even put these pictures in VoiceThread and have the criticism be voice over commentary?

–       Another Idea: Maybe we could even teach students how to do their own video remixes (like the Gendered Advertising Remixer)

  • Take existing material from a variety of pop culture sources and mash it up into new and exciting ways.
    • People have been remixing for years.
      • Hip-hop, collage, sampling => Can do “identity remixing.” 🙂

–       Having students send a letter or video to President Obama. (Make a change like Will Phillips!)

  • Helping students recognize that they have a voice, that even though they are kids, they are capable of making an intervention and making a difference.

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