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Aprendamos Summer Updates 1 by jlipshin
June 15, 2011, 10:47 am
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Hey everyone! Here are some notes on what has been happening with Aprendamos this summer. They’re not quite fully fleshed out “reflections” (at least, not yet), but they give you an idea of what we’ve been up to. 🙂

Weekly Check-In 6/3


–       Students remaking images of themselves in Photoshop.

  • Almost all of the students thought that this was a fun activity. They all experimented with different filters, colors, and fonts, and some of the students became so comfortable with the software that they started driving the computer on their own. That moment, when students’ ask “can I try?” and start to experiment with the tools on their own, is always really exciting. 🙂

–       Bryan making his own video.

  • So with most of the students, the activity was to take the video they shot with Miguel last week and put the Photoshop-ed image of themselves in the front of it, as an introduction.  With Bryan, however, he had bigger plans in mind! He wanted to tell this elaborate story about a roller coaster monster and his friends, and so I helped him do just that. After creating a hilarious Photoshop-ed image, he drew pictures of each of the story’s events in a sequence. I then took pictures of each of his drawings and then inserted them along a video timeline, which he then provided voice over commentary to.
  • The final product was really, really cute. We added credits to his movie and he even wanted a trailer for it, although I told him that I thought this was unnecessary because his movie was 30 seconds long! Anyways, he seemed to really enjoy being creative and I thought this was particularly great because usually it’s very hard to get him to do any work in the class. Many of his classmates also loved the video, so Miguel and I are talking about possibly doing this activity (or some variation of it) next week.
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Areas to work on:

  • There was one thing that stood out to me this week. During loteria, Sade repeatedly said that she wanted the students to call out the cards in Spanish and English, although sometimes they only called it out in Spanish. She’s told me a few times that she feels ostracized because she is the only one that doesn’t speak Spanish, so if that activity could be conducted in both English and Spanish I think that would be better for her.

Questions for everyone else:

–       How did the food pyramid activity go yesterday? I know that my timing is absolutely rotten given that Michelle Obama and the USDA just publicized that “the food pyramid is out, and My Plate is in.” But I still think the activity had the potential to be valuable on a number of levels…

  •  I think Liz mentioned this yesterday, but just to reiterate, I picked food cut-outs for the activity that would be somewhat trickier for the students to put in the appropriate categories. For instance, there were some like peanut butter on toast that could fit into multiple categories (proteins and grains). I also wanted to include foods that would demonstrate how health is affected by how a food is prepared (i.e. how grilled chicken would be a healthy protein vs. how chicken nuggets would be part of the extras category. I did the same thing for potatoes vs. French fries.)

–       Did the students seem to get this insight? And did this activity fit well with the fruit salad activity afterwords?


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