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Stasi- FIOB Interviews are finally up! by stasiharrell
May 12, 2011, 11:19 am
Filed under: Reflections

Sorry for the delay!  I had a few compression and YouTube issues, but they are finally up!  Below are the links to the interviews.

I e-mailed Odilia to tell her that the videos are up and running, and that she can link to them on the FIOB website. Although I have the FIOB facebook account information, I did not feel comfortable posting it until Odilia has had a chance to see the videos completed.

Also, as a side note, Koree and I just wanted to address the comments and helpful suggestions we received in class regarding our project. Regarding the pictures of life in Oaxaca that show up towards the end of the movie, we felt that this worked given what the interviewees were talking about at that particular time. In the beginning of the interviews, the conversation is centered on identity and whether or not they speak Zapoteca. However, the second half deals with the culture and about life in Oaxaca, so we felt that the pictures made sense to supplement the discussion. We did add the FIOB logo in the beginning, and also added the scrolling text information that appears at the end (which is a little hard to see) in the description of the video. We also slowed down the scrolling a bit. Hopefully Odilia likes what we’ve done!


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