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Liz: An Update on This Week by Liz Krane
March 31, 2011, 6:30 pm
Filed under: Reflections

So on Tuesday (the 29th), Jason and I were co-teachers with Aprendamos again. Jason’s class seems to be going much better, which I’m very happy about! My class, on the other hand, was particularly hyper that day. O_O And I mean hyper. Kids were hiding from the teacher, poking each other with pointing sticks, shouting profanities, and screaming “Be quiet!” at the top of their lungs (as if that really worked).

But the good news is they have started on a project, which consisted of drawing posters about the topic of community using metaphors of plants, the human body, and the solar system. So next Tuesday, my plan A is to upload those posters to MapLib and have the students annotate them. Plan B is to annotate them in a desktop image editor like MS Paint or Paint.NET.

The reason I need a Plan B is because the class I’m with doesn’t have any computers, unlike Jason’s class. And according to someone at the school, we may or may not be able to use their wireless internet if we bring laptops, and even if we manage to get that working, a lot of websites are blocked and we wouldn’t be able to get them unblocked! I was very sad to hear that all the public schools in LA block YouTube and basically all social media websites. Oh well.

Based on the feedback we got in class yesterday, Jason and I are going to start making tutorials on how to use the websites for our lesson plans, so we can give it to the other teachers in case they want to use it during this session — and so the teachers we’re working with have an easy reference for using it on the days we can’t be there!

Thanks to everybody for the feedback on our project. It was fun seeing how everyone’s projects have developed so much! (And it makes me feel a bit better to know that our project isn’t the only one that changed a lot from our original plan.) 🙂


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