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Jason – Project Check-In and General Updates, Week 11 by jlipshin
March 30, 2011, 10:03 am
Filed under: mm4sc, Reflections

So Liz and I have had a very busy week with IDEPSCA, but I do feel like the project is coming together on a number of levels.  🙂 For one, Liz and I have decided to apply for USC’s provost grant so that we can continue to work with Aprendamos more extensively over the summer and get them some of the funding that they need and deserve. Virginia Kuhn, another prof at the IML, has graciously agreed to sponsor our efforts, and I have already drafted the grant proposal, so I think we are on track to submit our application by this Friday’s deadline. I also showed the proposal to Mariella and Pedro and they gave some very helpful feedback.

In terms of our actual media projects, that is shaping up as well. Yesterday, I showed my food group some incredibly gross videos on how chicken nuggets are made (including some excerpts from Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution), and they seemed to respond quite well. One of my most perceptive students, Christy, even vowed to me after class that she would never eat McDonald’s chicken nuggets again! We then did some directed internet research to look for pictures, videos, statistics, and fun facts that we could insert into Voice Thread. They seemed to really enjoy this aspect, and I let them take turns saving JPGs and Snapz-ing Youtube videos to my hard drive. They also seemed to really enjoy the audio commenting function in Voice Thread, although we did not have adequate time to explore this in as much depth as I would have hoped. Grecia says that they will continue to work with Voice Thread this week, so hopefully, we can wrap up with that on Tuesday.


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