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Liz: An Update on This Week by Liz Krane
March 31, 2011, 6:30 pm
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So on Tuesday (the 29th), Jason and I were co-teachers with Aprendamos again. Jason’s class seems to be going much better, which I’m very happy about! My class, on the other hand, was particularly hyper that day. O_O And I mean hyper. Kids were hiding from the teacher, poking each other with pointing sticks, shouting profanities, and screaming “Be quiet!” at the top of their lungs (as if that really worked).

But the good news is they have started on a project, which consisted of drawing posters about the topic of community using metaphors of plants, the human body, and the solar system. So next Tuesday, my plan A is to upload those posters to MapLib and have the students annotate them. Plan B is to annotate them in a desktop image editor like MS Paint or Paint.NET.

The reason I need a Plan B is because the class I’m with doesn’t have any computers, unlike Jason’s class. And according to someone at the school, we may or may not be able to use their wireless internet if we bring laptops, and even if we manage to get that working, a lot of websites are blocked and we wouldn’t be able to get them unblocked! I was very sad to hear that all the public schools in LA block YouTube and basically all social media websites. Oh well.

Based on the feedback we got in class yesterday, Jason and I are going to start making tutorials on how to use the websites for our lesson plans, so we can give it to the other teachers in case they want to use it during this session — and so the teachers we’re working with have an easy reference for using it on the days we can’t be there!

Thanks to everybody for the feedback on our project. It was fun seeing how everyone’s projects have developed so much! (And it makes me feel a bit better to know that our project isn’t the only one that changed a lot from our original plan.) 🙂


Tina’s mini update: Secured interviews by tinalzeng
March 31, 2011, 2:43 pm
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Hi all! Thank you for all the good feedback yesterday – it really helped me get the ball rolling.

I’ve created a Facebook Page and Twitter account as @alhbeyondcars. No finalized logo yet so there are no followers as of yet. By the beginning of next week, I’ll expect some likes/follows when the logo is published and I start actively promoting the accounts.

Questions, comments, and concerns about Alhambra Beyond Cars (ABC) can be sent to our new Gmail account:
In addition to setting this up, I’ve also uploaded a contact list onto the Gmail.

Current Google docs include:
1. Mission Statement work-in-progress doc
2. All account passwords doc
3. My media plan for March – May 2011 doc (I decided to make deadlines for the end of May as I’ll be at a summer program in the east but will return and plan to make a more extensive plan).

Youth Feeders have agreed to help me with shooting and editing man-on-the-street interviews. We’ll be meeting on Wednesday, 4/6 in the late afternoon to do this.

My contact at Scripps Kensington, Ida Donohue, has also agreed to be interviewed for the video. I’ve set up the interview for Monday, 4/4. Hopefully, she will also be able to spread the word out to others who are concerned about pedestrian safety. I’ve sent out an email to Youth Feeders to ask if they’re interested in helping me out that Monday.

James has been away on the east conducting various workshops so I haven’t met with him this week, but have been in contact via email. We’ve agreed to meet on Thursday, 4/7 for me to conduct the interview and shoot some photographs. Daniela, the editor of the Alhambra Source, has given me permission to conduct the interview so I expect it to be published on the due date of Thursday, 4/17.

That’s all for now!
This weekend will be intense as I fine-tune the logo. It really takes a long time and is a constant work in progress because there can always be tweaks here and there… but I’m excited to see its publication and approval.

Liz and Jason updated timeline by Liz Krane
March 30, 2011, 10:13 am
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April 1st: submit grant proposal

before April 4th: Liz: scan student posters

** start making how-to document of lesson plan aimed at Aprendamos teachers

April 4th: Liz: uploading posters to maplib (if internet available) OR: image editing with posters
Jason: work on Voicethread project

April 11th (last week of project): Liz: annotating the maps on maplib OR continue work with image editing
Jason: work on Dipity timeline project

April 12th: update Aprendamos website (small changes only)

April 15th: present website changes at staff meeting

by April 18th: upload example project pictures / descriptions to Aprendamos site

April 18th: wrap-up week, have students discuss projects
Jason: work on and wrap up Dipity timeline project

by May 4th: make class presentation, plan for summer with Aprendamos

– Grant proposal
– how-to for lesson plans
– examples of student work on Aprendamos website

Jason – Project Check-In and General Updates, Week 11 by jlipshin
March 30, 2011, 10:03 am
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So Liz and I have had a very busy week with IDEPSCA, but I do feel like the project is coming together on a number of levels.  🙂 For one, Liz and I have decided to apply for USC’s provost grant so that we can continue to work with Aprendamos more extensively over the summer and get them some of the funding that they need and deserve. Virginia Kuhn, another prof at the IML, has graciously agreed to sponsor our efforts, and I have already drafted the grant proposal, so I think we are on track to submit our application by this Friday’s deadline. I also showed the proposal to Mariella and Pedro and they gave some very helpful feedback.

In terms of our actual media projects, that is shaping up as well. Yesterday, I showed my food group some incredibly gross videos on how chicken nuggets are made (including some excerpts from Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution), and they seemed to respond quite well. One of my most perceptive students, Christy, even vowed to me after class that she would never eat McDonald’s chicken nuggets again! We then did some directed internet research to look for pictures, videos, statistics, and fun facts that we could insert into Voice Thread. They seemed to really enjoy this aspect, and I let them take turns saving JPGs and Snapz-ing Youtube videos to my hard drive. They also seemed to really enjoy the audio commenting function in Voice Thread, although we did not have adequate time to explore this in as much depth as I would have hoped. Grecia says that they will continue to work with Voice Thread this week, so hopefully, we can wrap up with that on Tuesday.

Stasi’s Revised Project Plan by stasiharrell
March 30, 2011, 12:22 am
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As you may have read in Koree’s post, due to reasons outside of our control, our project is currently at a standstill.  We had planned to record the interviews of the Zapotec elders and edit this footage into short, but meaningful clips for the FIOB website.  Unfortunately, Rosalinda, our FIOB Liaison, has been unable to schedule the interviews.  Koree and I were more than a bit worried about what would happen to our project, since we have already had to change our entire project proposal once already.

So, we met to discuss possible ideas for a concrete media project, given our limited resources and, at this point, limited time-frame.  We realized we had quite a bit of footage from one of the FIOB workshops, including some insightful interviews.  As we watched the videos, a new idea began to take shape.  Taking a cue from some of the call to action videos we watched earlier in the semester, we have decided to create a video that will raise awareness for the Oaxacan-American population about the dismal state of the Zapotec language and of the culture as a whole.  Further, the video will also demonstrate how important the culture is to the “youngsters” and the importance of preserving it.

We have created a rough outline for our video: First Rosalinda explains that the Zapotec language is going extinct, and that the disintegration of the culture may mean dramatic changes for the Indigenous population.  Then we will go into the interviews with the “youngsters” who explain why they value their roots, why they consider themselves Oaxacan, and why it is important to preserve the culture by participating in organizations like FIOB.  During this time, we will use photos we have and will continue to compile from FIOB of Oaxaca and of FIOB cultural events, both to enhance the interviews and to possibly cover up any awkwardness of the interviewees.  Then we will move on to clips from Gaspar Rivera-Salgado’s presentation of how to preserve a quickly dying language and culture.  We want to portray a sense of urgency, a call to action for Oaxacan natives living in America to save Zapoteca.

Here is our new and improved timeline (though we plan to go forward with this new plan, we still want to leave the option open to help compile footage of the elder interviews, so we have included dates on which we are completely open for interviews)

4/1- Meet with Odilia and Rosalinda to discuss new project proposal

4/2- 11:00-2:00 Edit in IML, decide on which clips to use, open for interviews

4/3- 1:00- Gather photos from FIOB office, open for interviews

4/8- 5:30-8:30- Edit in IML

4/9- 11:00-2:00 Edit in IML, open for interviews

4/10- Open for interviews

4/12- 6:00-8:30- Edit in IML

4/13- 5:30-8:30- Edit in IML

4/16- Check-in with Odilia and Rosalinda

4/18-4/22- Finish editing

4/27- Final rough cut due, present to Odilia and Rosalinda

It would be most effective to post this video online, as this is the medium which will provide the most traffic and reach our target audience- younger generations of Oaxacans.  We want to introduce these “youngsters” to the idea that their culture matters, and hopefully inspire them to take steps to preserving their culture.  If nothing else, our video will draw attention to the issue and serve as a cultural artifact to document the current state of the Oaxacan community in Los Angeles.

On a more practical note, Koree and I spent four hours in the IML tonight.  Granted, we spent most of this time learning how to upload and save our videos onto the harddrive, doing this again because the harddrive we had originally checked out broke, and figuring out a new project proposal.  However, the time we spent actually working with (more like desperately trying to figure out) final cut proved we need help in this area!  The IML people were very helpful, and I found some great tutorials on the Annenberg digital lab website that will hopefully make things go much smoother than they did today.  If we still have trouble, we will request a one-on-one tutorial with the IML staff or attend one of the workshops at the Annenberg digital lab.  Either way, despite the fact that we were somewhat limited today in terms of what we had the ability to accomplish, we know we have many resources at our disposal and will definitely not hesitate to use them!

Tina’s Week 11 Post – Media Plan by tinalzeng
March 29, 2011, 9:36 pm
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Below is my media plan for Alhambra Beyond Cars. It’s concise and commits me to push out 4 deliverables by the end of the term.
There were so many goals that I wanted to accomplish but had to pick and choose the most suitable ones given the resources.
The logo is on its way to be finalized and I’m pretty stoked about unveiling it in the coming week.
James is out on the road but will be back soon. We haven’t met in a week because of that but I’m sure he’ll be pleased with my progress on the project.


Alhambra Beyond Cars
Media Plan 2011



–       Increase awareness in the community about the new organization

–       Increase participation in the program


–       All internet using Alhambra residents who are concerned about transportation issues

  • Walkers
  • Cyclists
  • Bus riders


–       To advocate for an environmentally friendly and safe Alhambra by educating and informing residents on how to affect local government politics and policies, raise citywide awareness of local problems, and organize into a collective unit.


IV. MEDIA LIST: All online content publishers.

–       The Alhambra Source

  • Post meeting dates and times on the Announcement/Events page.
  • Interview James Rojas and highlight formation of Alhambra Beyond Cars.
  • Work with Youth Feed to produce video of man-on-the-street interviews with residents and citizens at Scripps Kensington.

–       Facebook & Twitter

  • Goals
    • 100 Facebook & Twitter followers by 4/30
  • Generate conversation with other environmentally aware groups such as: SGV Bike, AHS Environmental club.
  • Follow other environmentally-friendly pages/groups.
  • Friend city officials to raise awareness.
  • Find friends by checking “Alhambra city” option


1.    ABC Logo

2.    Facebook and Twitter 100 followers

3.    Feature/Interview article, announcements, video posted on The Alhambra Source

4.    Video of Alhambra residents



Deadline Deliverable
4/3, Sunday ABC Logo
4/6, Wednesday Finalize Mission Statement
4/8, Friday Facebook Group & Page
4/10, Sunday Announcement posting on The Alhambra Source
4/10, Sunday ABC Meet-up at CicLAvia
4/17, Sunday Publish James Rojas Interview Feature on The Alhambra Source
4/30, Saturday 100 Facebook Follows/Likes, 100 Twitter followers
4/30, Saturday Video of Alhambra residents
4/30, Saturday Publish video of Alhambra residents on The Alhambra Source
5/4, Wednesday Final Presentation


Draft for Provost Grant by jlipshin
March 29, 2011, 9:03 am
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Hey Everyone!

So Liz and I are applying for the Provost Grant so that we can continue working with IDEPSCA over the summer as well as get them some extra funding. Here is a draft of our proposal – any feedback would be much appreciated.




P.S. for Sasha – There was one question that was constantly irking me as I was drafting: is there typically a works cited for grant applications? Never applied for one before, so I wouldn’t know. 🙂